The Cogjam Effect

Mental health disaster is growing roots, having sprouted from today’s socio-political meltdown. We typically blame it on politics. But our angst is actually fueled by fear response processes gone awry-within ourselves and others, both physically and mentally. […]

Keepers Saving the World

A parade bombing near Marshland devastates the rural Midwest town. Dozens are killed, hundreds injured, and the emotional damage incalculable. Mystery looms as well, as the cause of the explosion escapes explanation: Was it a terrorist? […]

Revised edition coming soon!

Keepers Searching for Sam

Sam Turner is last seen strolling away from a disaster relief shelter, carrying an odd contraption found half-buried on his flood ravaged property. […]

Keepers Come to Portland

Missing cremains hold secrets of a bygone insane asylum, better left buried. They live on when social worker Paulson Forbes’ return to disaster work entangles him in their legacy. Or is it only trauma from his own past that torments him? […]

Release date and cover reveal to be announced later this year!

Paving Pathways – Child and Adolescent Development

This is a student-centered, applied text, providing a chronologically organized introduction to the main age stages, research, and theories of child/adolescent development. […]

Beginnings and Beyond – a Guide for Personal Growth and Adjustment

In this practical text, Laurel Hughes offers self-testing and practical applications and suggestions, so that students learn to deal with problems they face in their own lives.[…]

Expanding Your Experience

Designed to accompany Beginnings and Beyond, this student workbook guides students in the important task of keeping a journal. […]

How to Raise a Healthy Achiever

This book offers parents advice on helping their children develop a healthy attitude towards achievement, while avoiding obsessive work focus, excessive stress, and emotional shallowness.[…]

How to Raise Good Children

This is a breakthrough guidebook that shows parents how to encourage moral growth in children.[…]