The Cogjam Effect

Mental health disaster is growing roots, having sprouted from today’s socio-political meltdown. We typically blame it on politics. But our angst is actually fueled by fear response processes gone awry-within ourselves and others, both physically and mentally. Drawing from current understanding of disaster, brain science, cognitive development, trauma, and resilience, The Cogjam Effect explains how to find healing through mindfulness, compassion, and reenlisting reasoning skills we’ve honed since birth.

Kharis Publishing. Available on Amazon and at other fine retailers.

What people are saying…

“Do the times feel crazy to you? Leave it to Laurel Hughes to come up with fresh high-level understanding of what is happening in America now–an unfortunate malady she calls “cogjam.” Laurel ‘s substantial experience with the psychological aftermath of disasters such as the Twin Towers, Katrina and many others gives her unique perspective. She intelligently and coherently diagnoses the widespread symptoms of the American populace’s disrupted lives, which strike her as eerily similar to those experienced by people mending from the fallout of major disaster…Beyond identifying the nature of the situation, Laurel provides a clear and useful guide to why this is happening. She delivers a brief but powerful masterclass in cognitive jamming, blending latest brain science and social research with lessons learned during her during her experience helping disaster survivors.”

Jeannie Coyle Penny, Former SVP HR of American Express, speaker and executive coach to and C-Suite executives, and author of “Make Talent Your Business”.