What sorts of solutions will my upcoming book, “The Cogjam Effect,” have to offer? In other words, what can we as individuals do to contain polarizing and divisiveness when it appears in our midst? One such opportunity is management of social media posts.


For your reading enjoyment, here’s a story from Chapter 13 – “Healing the Herd”:

“I participate in several writers’ groups. Some of them stay in touch using social media. Like everyone else, we’ve dealt with the occasional interloper sneaking in from elsewhere, sniffing around for ways to stir up trouble.

One day some unknown individual posted a nasty rant in broken English. Its content aimed to stir one of the day’s major cogjam pots. With similar posts, I usually see a bunch of angry retorts or other defensive comments afterwards. But that was not the case for this one. Here’s the main gist of how my writer colleagues responded: Continue reading