How Does Rationalizing Set the Cogjam Trap?

We all have our hypotheses about why events around us happen the way they do. However we also need to take care to validate our hypotheses before we accept them as being reality. This often doesn’t happen when we’re overstressed. If we jump in with both feet and indiscriminately accept hypotheses as we create or hear them, confusion and missteps often follow–as we often see with cogjammed thinking and behaviors.

Book Excerpt

Here’s what Chapter Four of my upcoming book, The Cogjam Effect – and the Path to Healing Divisive Community and Fractured Science,” has to say about letting rationalizing win out over more effective reasoning:

“As with fear-based behavior, interpretations and conclusions drawn when we’re all worked up may or may not be our best. When battling through the heat of the moment, the temptation to accept a logical hypothesis as reality rather than something to be checked out can be powerful indeed. But putting the cart before the horse in this manner is actually a form of rationalization.


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