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Laurel Hughes, Psy.D. Interviewed on “Igniting a Nation”

Want to hear cogjam discussed, in a different context? Here’s your chance. Yesterday I participated in a one-hour interview by Rabbi Eric Walker, host of the faith-based program, “Igniting a Nation.” It was a wonderful opportunity to dive into what science and religion have to offer one another, as we sort out how to cope […]


Moving Beyond the Tug of War

Emotions run high as the hottest election cycle of the century is finally about to conclude. Non-stop tug of war dominates the media. Set opinions cling tightly and pull mightily at their chunk of partisan rope. All dig in for the duration, with little to be gained. Of course, one side will eventually win. But […]

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The Re-posting Fix: Our Latest New Addiction?

By now, everyone to some degree recognizes that today’s real enemy is political divisiveness itself, rather than the particular political figures or persuasions that fall victim to it. Likewise, plenty of evidence has revealed that divisive social media posts and conspiracy theory revelations are often perpetrated by hostile foreign operatives, ones with whom we would […]