Keepers Saving the World

A parade bombing near Marshland devastates the rural Midwest town. Dozens are killed, hundreds injured, and the emotional damage incalculable. Mystery looms as well, as the cause of the explosion escapes explanation: Was it a terrorist? Local politics? Military targeting? An attempt to collect insurance? Or even disaster junkies, creating work to feed their addiction? As Sarah and Paulson assist with the aftermath, their personal journeys weave in with the professional. Only by overcoming baggage from their own 9/11 experiences do they succeed in their efforts, as well as uncover answers to the mystery.

What people are saying…

“I knew there was significant psychological aftermath of disasters but had only a vague idea how this was addressed. Laurel Hughes, an expert in disaster operations, has combined her detailed knowledge and wisdom (gained in many catastrophes including the events of Sept 11th) with a novelist’s skills. The result: a thoroughly intriguing novel that entertained me with an unpredictable and mysterious plot line and well drawn characters. But in addition to being entertained, I learned so much about the intricacies–both organizationally and emotionally–of the “keepers,” the professionals who bring relief to those suffering from the shock and pain of disasters. I read this amazing book before the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. For the first time I could imagine with some understanding what the mental health professionals brought to the scene.”

Jeannie Coyle