Discussion Guide


What impact does cogjam have on your life?

How might you use the concepts shared in this book?

What do others think about these concepts, and how to put them to use?

What next steps can we take to move toward a less polarized society?

This Discussion Guide is designed to help you find your own answers. Several discussion items are listed for each chapter. They can be used for individual exploration. However, I encourage group discussion. Going over this material with others offers a number of advantages:

  • Practice discussing alternative views in a supportive environment
  • Exposure to the opinions and perspectives of many
  • Feedback on your own ideas—remember, given our built-in subjectivity, we recognize each others’ reasoning pitfalls more easily than we recognize our own
  • Discovering perspectives that are more to your liking than the ones you started out with
  • Possibly opening doors to interesting topics for further investigation, and exploring new horizons

There is no one right answer to the problems of living. However each of us can develop our own answers to resolving cogjam—by taking into account all appropriate information, applying solid logic and common sense, and respecting how our actions play roles in common humanity.

Download Discussion Guide
Download Discussion Guide