Beyond Divide: And the Tools That Get Us There

It’s here! A second book to help us understand and recover from the divisive community and fractured science that swirls about in our cogjammed society.

You might have noticed that The Cogjam Effect mentions little about spirituality and faith. Yet cogjam’s shenanigans are especially detrimental to our spiritual lives. Its negativity, combativeness, and shortsightedness wreak havoc with the values, ethics, and convictions of a healthy spiritual life—no matter which faith we practice.

The good news: by enlisting intellect, intuition, spirituality, and the will as tools, we can remedy such consequences. My new book, Beyond Divide: And the Tools That Get Us There, addresses this missing piece of healing. While quotes from religious teachings are largely Judeo-Christian, Beyond Divide offers solutions for spiritual distress that apply to anyone of any faith. And amazingly, these recommended solutions dovetail with emerging brain science findings.

Westbow Press. Also available at Amazon and other fine retailers.