We have been making a bit of a mess of things lately, haven’t we? But over the last 250 years, we’ve also shown that our nation is pretty good at cleaning things up and moving on. We are indeed resilient.

It’s going to take a while this time, with multiple issues overlapping: political polarization, COVID-19, civil protest, and the like. Likewise, multiple generations–especially younger ones–will need to do their part.

We Boomers will only be around for so much longer. Nonetheless, we need to find niches for contributing to the future: how do we get what we’ve learned about social change to younger generations?

They will find their solutions, just as we did. We apply our compassionate caring not by telling them what these solutions should be, but by giving them information or tools they may be able to use as they write the next chapters of our nation’s history.

As for me, I’ve begun a series of blogs for Bridge USA, a multi-campus organization of young people seeking to remedy the political divide and help build a higher-functioning society.

check out the link:

Enjoy! and consider what you, too, might pass long to the next generations.

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