Everyone’s Gone to the Moon

Fifty years ago today, humankind was taking its first steps on the moon. I especially recall one particular summer day, images forever etched in memory: sitting on the lawn, staring at the moon in awe, with teenage friends whispering to one another “we’re up there right now.”

Thus was I doubly blessed. Not only did I come of age in an era where challenging outdated norms brought major advancements, but also witnessed the incredible things passions and talents could do when people work together–even a moon landing.

Today I took my own small step for a woman, including fantasies of a giant leap for humankind, provided others meld with the mission. You see, today I finished mailing 500+ pre-release copies of The Cogjam Effect – and the Path to Healing Divisive Community and Fractured Science to every sitting member of the U. S. Congress and Supreme Court.

Why them, before anyone else sees it? Because they deserve it. Politicians have valiantly struggled with cogjam much longer than the rest of us. It feeds the roots of ineffective problem solving and political divisiveness, tainting anything they might try to accomplish. The lessons of recent brain science, trauma research, and disaster experience, and how they apply to today’s polarizing, may well help them break pattern and move forward.

As all of us can do in our own lives, in our own way:

  • Reducing cogjam in relationships, in communities, and within our own minds.
  • Stopping the bleeding, healing the hurt, and finding healthier directions.
  • Figuring out how we got here in the first place, and doing our darnedest to keep it from happening again.

Every individual effort counts, no matter how small or whether it gets immediate results. Cultural change is slow, and the world can only be saved in increments. We should rejoice in these increments as they happen–that in itself is healing. Even retired baby-boomers can contribute in ways that reap future benefits, without our still being around to witness the final results.



And for you younger generations . . . the sky is still the limit.




Kharis Publishing plans to release The Cogjam Effect – and the Path to Healing Divisive Community and Fractured Science in September 2019. Stay tuned!

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